Disposable Breaks – for listening, sampling and creating a better life. 

Disposable Breaks brings you 12 original funk, jazz and afro-influenced compositions that pay tribute to the musicians that built the foundations 
of modern music. Those players who created tracks sampled by hip hop, drum n bass and breakbeat. Some were house musicians for labels, some created library albums and some were independent artists in their own right, but all created the deepest and hookiest of breakbeats for our ears, our samplers and our hearts. 

To give proper focus and tribute to the rhythm section, Disposable Breaks strips away the distractions of vocals, horn sections and instrumental solos to let the breaks, the grooves and the beats breathe. 

This album was written and produced by Glenn Fallows (Ed Meme, 
The Impellers) who also played all of the instruments 

... apart from the important ones: 

For this album, it was vital to bring the finest drums and percussive noise, so Glenn recruited the finest. Timmy Rickard (Monosole Music/Sarah Williams White) both played and engineered the drums across the whole album, recording directly to analogue tape to ease out every bass thud, every snare crack. Percussion is delivered by frequent Shawn Lee collaborator Paul Elliott (JetTricks, Hot Border Special) who battles beats against bells against bongos to deliver a latin and afro frenzy.


Available on Tone Arise Recordings, via Bandcamp:




The players: 

Glenn Fallows - guitars, keys, bass, other instrumentation 
Timmy Rickard - drums 
Paul Elliott - percussion 

Written by Ed Meme for Tone Arise 
Drums engineers by Timmy Rickard for Monosole Music 
Mastered by Paul Win Audio 
Artwork by Rob Crespo (crespodesign.co.uk) 

Tone Arise Music 


Also available, Disposable Breaks - Psychedelic Cinematic

In July 2016, Tone Arise Music released Disposable Breaks – 12 original jazz, funk and afrobeat compositions influenced by the writers, bands and musicians who have been sampled by hip hop, breakbeat and drum & bass, laying the foundations for future music. 

“a whopping piece of organic retro sounding blessedness for lovers of cool funky library music and beyond. They have a depth of character and individual sound that few can match......” 
Blues & Soul Magazine. 

Next up, we’ve taken those same drum breaks and percussion and re-worked them into garage rock, psychedelic soundtracks featuring distorted guitars, modular synths, Farfisa organ and driving, gritty basslines. Multiple melodies, counter melodies, arpeggios and dynamic swells soak in a warm bath of space-dub reverbs and echo. 

Influences for this release include The Band, The Grateful Dead, Joy Division/New Order, Talking Heads and Radiohead amongst numerous others, far too numerous to name here.